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The Elephant's Child

The Elephant's Child is an interactive book adapted from a well-known story by the British author Rudyard Kipling. This delightful fairy tale teaches kids good values. The interactive book is packed with 20 picturesque jigsaw puzzles, 300+ animations, professional voice-over and charming music.

The Elephant's Child interactive book will help little readers to learn more about little animals and their habits. Follow a story of a curious calf that never seemed to listen to the adults and find out how it ended up. Visit beautiful places of Africa and take a walk through majestic jungles. A great number of interactive scenes and professional narration make reading entertaining and fun. Every page of the ebook turns into a jigsaw puzzle at a touch aimed to train visual memory and logic skills.

By combining the original storytelling and vivid illustrations, this interactive book appeals to kids of any age. Switch between “Read to me” and “Read by me” reading modes, play mini-games and interact with characters and objects as the story unfolds.

Go on a quest with the most curious little elephant in the world to find out what a crocodile has for dinner!