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Cinderella Classic Tale

Cinderella Classic Tale introduces a well known story in a fun and engaging way. Enjoy a new generation of interactive books with fascinating animations, mini-games, text and audio suitable for little kids. Grant your children an amazing journey to the world of fairy tales. Explore every page of the touch book with 400+ interactions and 20 educational puzzles. Interactive storytelling helps to develop logic reasoning and sparks love for reading.

With Cinderella Classic Tale children will immerse into captivating story full of wonder, magic and charm. Cinderella is a young poor girl who works hard to please her stepmother and stepsisters. Her relatives make fun of her all the time. But one day everything changes. Help Cinderella to fulfill her dreams and become happy. Unfold the story with merry characters and join Cinderella at her adventures and visit the royal ball.

Depending on your child's age, you can choose different storytelling modes. Enable the “Read to me” option to follow along with a professional narrator, while playing with puzzles and interacting with characters. Choose “Read by me” and enjoy the book at your pace. Create a positive reading experience and find the perfect combination for your child.

Download Cinderella Classic Tale and let your little once learn how kindness and grace lead to happiness.