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Bremen Town Musicians:
Interactive Touch Book

The classic story by Brothers Grimm is now interactive. Enjoy fun adventures about four merry friends: a donkey, a cat, a dog and a rooster. Help these cute animals to become famous musicians in the town of Bremen. Each animal possesses the ability to play different music instruments. Play along with the characters and solve fascinating match-3 puzzles on every page of the book.

Bremen Town Musicians: Interactive Touch Book has an innovative format of storytelling. The book is packed with educational activities for preschoolers and covers audio and visual styles of learning. The Bremen town musicians story will entertain young readers with a wealth of interactive features, professional narration, fun sound effects and over 15 matching games. Vivid illustrations and easy-to-read texts create an enchanting atmosphere of a true fairy tale.

The wonderful thing about the book is that you can read it in several ways. If your kids like to listen to the story, just enable the “Read to Me” mode. Or enjoy each page at your pace choosing the “Read by Me” option. Download Bremen Town Musicians and get a great learning tool for little kids. Help your children to learn music, English and improve their motor skills in a fun and convenient way.