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Mate in One Move:
Chess Puzzle

Discover all the benefits of chess for your children! Mate in one move is a fascinating chess puzzle and an excellent game for kids above 4 years old. It teaches them strategic thinking, improves logic reasoning and their ability to concentrate. More over, it's fun! Because, every chess game has its own captivating story!

Mate in One Move: Chess Puzzle sounds complicated, but don't worry – this game is easy! The task of every stage is to find the move that will perform a checkmate. The most important is the fact that your kid will always outsmart his opponent. That's why, the game will make him more confident in a real tournament and will help to deal with strategic affairs. There are about 200 carefully leveled puzzles divided in 4 chess problem packs.

If your children don't know a thing about chess, this puzzle would be a great start. Mate in One Move was designed by a professional chess player to teach little kids how to play chess in an entertaining manner. Everyone can learn the rules with an included manual. Just tap a figure to see the possible moves or use hints to win the game. Intuitive menu system, advanced visual graphics and realistic sounds allow your little ones to step in the world of fairy kingdoms, knights and fun tactical battles.

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